SVN cat error: "File not found". Gives wrong revision

You will need to use the peg revision svn command -r OPERATIVE-REV item@PEG-REV

JIRA v5 SVN commit tab error

JIRA v5 SVN commit tab error. com.atlassian.jira.plugin.ext.subversion:subversion-commits-tabpanel To fix this issue you will need to remove the atlassian-subversion-revisions folder which is located under the home directory of the JIRA user. $JIRA_HOME/caches/indexes/plugins/atlassian-subversion-revisions/ Now restart JIRA, the subversion tab should now

SVN Backup & Migration

Backing Up Backing up the D87 repo: # svnadmin dump /var/svn/repos/D87 > D87_repo.svndump Migrating a Repository First back up the Repo (See steps above). Now create the repo in the new location. e.g. D87 repo: # svnadmin create /var/svn/repos/D87 Load the dump file