Linux Internal Variables

What are they? They are builtin variables which hold information about the environment, the users and the system. There are two main types; shell (bash) and environmental. The scope of each is different. Shell variables are specific to the running shell and are not shared within other shells. On the

su apache: "This account is currently not available"

When trying to switch user to apache and you get the following: "This account is currently not available". You need to set a shell for the apache user. Let's say we want to use bash. # chsh -s /bin/bash apache You should get this prompt: Changing shell for apache. Shell

Bash Shell Exit Status

Exit status codes are helpful when creating shell scripts with IF statements. They are also helpful when you are trying to troubleshoot the outcome of a command. You can use "echo $?" to find out the exit status. In the terminal exit codes are not displayed on the screen by default,