ERROR 2006 (HY000) MySQL server has gone away

The server's default maxallowedpacket value is 1MB and it looks like it has exceeded the default max. You can increase this if the server needs to handle big queries. This can be done in two ways: Start MySQL client with the following option (64 MB for this example) mysql --max_

MySQL High Load / Other Issues - Leap second bug

After struggling with a sever that was acting up, i did some investigating and found it to be related to a recent leap second that was added on June 30th. On Saturday midnight Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), an extra second was added to the Universal Coordinated Time (UTC). According to

MySQL: Add User + Privileges

Let's say we want to add a new user "Erick Broski" with SELECT privileges on database "userlistdb". mysql> grant SELECT on userlistdb.* to 'erick.broski'@'localhost'; Make sure to set his password: mysql> set password for 'erick.broski'@'localhost'= password('h@ckm3'); Now, lets say we want to

MySQL: The description for Event ID in Source cannot be found.

If you keep getting this error in the Event Viewer you should do the following: The description for Event ID ( 100 ) in Source ( MySQL ) cannot be found It seems like the local computer may not have the necessary registry information or message DLL files to display messages from a remote