MySQL: The description for Event ID in Source cannot be found.

If you keep getting this error in the Event Viewer you should do the following:

The description for Event ID ( 100 ) in Source ( MySQL ) cannot be found

It seems like the local computer may not have the necessary registry information or message DLL files to display messages from a remote computer. We will have to use a program to edit the mysqld.exe to add the required information.

  • Stop the MySql server.
  • Locate and backup mysqld.exe - \MySQL Server\bin\mysqld.exe    Make sure to backup!!!!
  • In XN Resource Editor open mysqld.exe and you should see both panes blank.
  • From the menu select Resource, and then Add Resource. A window will open with a list of options, select Message Table.
mysqld.exe XN Resource Editor  
  • Right click on "Language Natural" and click on Properties. A window will open, change the Language option to English (United States).
Resource Properties

  From the menu select Strings, and then Add String. It will create a default string with a 00000001 id.

Change the ID from '00000001' to:


Now Save and exit. Start MySql server now.

That should do it. From now on you should see all the actual event messages in the Event Viewer.

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