The Accela Trip: Live Mix


Kumo Schway House Techno (Live Mix)

Dubbed out Techno blended with old and new jamz.

Terminal white-noise generator for Linux

I'm a fan of the Pomodoro Technique, which breaks down work into intervals that are separated by short breaks. I'm also a fan of using white-noise generators for concentration. I wanted to find something that would combine these two techniques. I found a very simple solution using the play command

Linux Internal Variables

What are they? They are builtin variables which hold information about the environment, the users and the system. There are two main types; shell (bash) and environmental. The scope of each is different. Shell variables are specific to the running shell and are not shared within other shells. On the

New Mix: Cyberia 2017

Track-list: Untitled Ron & Chez D Noom (Rene Bourgeois Braindamage Remix) Curtis Newton (DE) In Me (So Deep) [Pirahnahead's Cervix Puncher Dub] [feat. Mona Bode] Pirahnahead Aquilla Romans Shine On (Motor City Drum Ensemble Warehouse Dub) DJ T. Noom (Rene Bourgeois Braindamage Remix) Curtis Newton (DE) Wandering Squid (Original Mix)